Sunday, January 1, 2012

About my hair and the girl it is attached to ^.^

Name: Mary

Height: 177cm/ 5'9.5”

Hair color: light brown/dark blonde. Coined “blonette” Neutral to warm gold

Dye: I had previously colored my hair a warm dark brunette and raven mostly with semipermanent dyes. This has grown out past my shoulders and faded to a medium brown. Now, I use cassia which has a temporary effect.

Texture: 2a – loose waves

Thickness: M/C– medium to coarse thickness of hair strands

Volume: ii/iii – moderately thick at nape (ca. 4.2”-4.4”)

: 2 – moderately slippery hair, not prone to tangles

Stiffness: 5 – high, fairly voluminous at roots and not very flexible

: 3-4 – forms clumps but tends towards some fluffiness

Goal Length:

Currently tailbone length but I may extend this further.

Hair Care Regimen:


- Trader Joes Nourishing Spa shampoo and conditioner, Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner, VO5 Kiwi Lime Conditioner

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Cassia Obovata from Henna Sooq
-Aloe Vera Gel

Wash Routine(1-3 times a week):

-frequently I apply EVOO or EVOO and honey an hour before washing
- Shampoo as needed on scalp only

- Apply conditioner through length and then a smaller amount through hair near scalp (when CO washing I apply to scalp first and massage through, cover and go about business before rinsing)

- rinse in medium temperature water

- about once a month this is followed by an ACV or white vinegar rinse at 1:10 dilution

- finger comb part and into place, wide tooth comb as needed

- apply no product or apply Aloe Vera Gel with a small amount of EVOO mixed in gently

- wait and leave untouched
-if I am planning on just wearing it up, I will brush it through with no product so it dries faster

The result of this method on wavy hair:

Things I avoid or no longer do:

-heat styling
-chemical dyes
-salon visits. I cut my hair myself.
-daily washing
-no trims in 2012

My previous routine and recent hair history:
Previously my hair was hip length hair and had been achieved through benign neglect. After a devastating loss, my hair was cut to shoulder length and I was temporarily pleased. Then, when I returned to Japan I was talked into Thermal Reconditioning because of the frizz my hair had in the humid climate. I enjoyed this also. But, this opened the door for experimentation and I fell into the hair care traps of the average US youth:
-washing daily
-blow drying followed by flat irons or curling irons daily
Still, I managed to grow my hair back out to about waist length with little effort.
Then, during a period of illness my hair shed out. I got a very layered haircut with side bangs to compensate for this. I also colored my hair a dark brown followed by black. I kept this color as a result of pressure from my then boyfriend. I did begin the transition of growing out my layers though and had a major hair cut to remove the long rat tail (^_^’) from over layering.
When I found the Long Hair Community I had already stopped coloring and decided to completely stop heat styling. For 2-3 months my hair looked as though it was in a terrible state as a result of fading dye, previous heat styling, and overgrown layers. The artificial gloss of the dye receded and I was not left with my semi-glossy natural locks but instead hair that held a shine similar to carpet. After ceasing to heat style, when my hair would air dry it was neither wavy nor straight. The pattern of my wave was completely indiscernible and more akin to cotton candy. To add to my frustration, I had a steep V cut and previous thinning. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos that accurately capture the state of my hair then.
I started to make changes in tandem with regular trims. I continue to try to overcome that period of my life and I believe my efforts in regards to my hair are another manifestation of this. I look forward to seeing what I can achieve in the future.

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