Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cassia Obovata (why, how, and results)

This stuff is really great for my hair. It does have some conditioning effects but the main reason I love using it, after only doing so twice, is the subtle color deposit. Luckily, the effect is temporary. Currently the gradient in my hair goes from a light golden brown at the roots with subtle highlights, to a deep golden blonde by the time it is near my shoulders, and then brown again courtesy of faded box dyes. I think my description sounds worse on paper than it actually looks. Or, that could just be wishful thinking.

Cassia solves all--okay, most--of this problem for me though. Cassia may also be somewhat ineffective for all hair colors in this way but works well for my golden blonette. It can start to feel as though the gods sent down this miracle herb conjured up specifically for my own needs. Not the case. Yes, more wishful thinking.
My hair is to a point where the ends are fairly healthy in comparison to the rest of the length. Still, there is a noticeable reduction in cling after cassia. However, the main conditioning benefit is that there is a bit more of a healthy deep shine. This is a definite bonus but I wouldn’t describe it as having more of an impact than the temporary shine of EVOO and ACV. 

So at this point if you are still reading and think cassia would be a good option for you, I’ll try to briefly explain how you apply it. 

Well, first, you have to find it. I got mine from Henna Sooq which I find to be very good quality. It is finely ground and packaged in multiple layers to preserve freshness. That being said, I have nothing else to compare it to so ymmv.

The mix I am using:
-60-100 grams of cassia per application. Yes, I can actually get away with that little and don’t think more would give better results for my hair.
-Put this in a bowl and add enough water for it to be similar to a slightly thick pancake mix.
-add a squeeze of lemon (might be about 1 tablespoon or less). 

Then, I cover the cassia and let it sit for 1-2 hours. After patiently waiting and fretting if you are about to turn your hair green or bozo orange, apply it to dry sectioned hair and slowly work through. I focus on the lightest sections first to make sure these areas get an even application (in the event I run low). Personally, I clip my hair into multiple cinnamon buns and put on a shower cap. Then, it sits on my hair for again 1-2 hours. 

Some people have reported difficulty rinsing the cassia out of their hair. This may depend on brand, hair type, or rinsing method. I’ve had no issues at all with this so I will describe how I rinse my cassia out. First, I lean over the bathtub and take out one bun (I usually have about 4 of them). Then, I turn on the faucet and put that chunk of hair into the stream of water. I continue this until each section has the worst of the grit out. The next step is to fill the bathtub with about 4” of water. I soak my hair in this while splashing it up on my scalp. There may be a little grit left but it isn’t very noticeable. After all of that I get in the shower and use a little shampoo on my scalp only. I follow this with conditioner. For my hair, this method does not create tangles and easily removes the cassia.



  1. You are beautiful!

    You have my dream hair, I'm hoping one day I'll have the courage to both grow out my henna/dye and leave my hair naturally wurly!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Funny hearing that my hair is a person's dream hair :)..

      When I started growing my hair back, it had heavy layers, thinning from when I was sick, layers of cheap black box dye, and had been flat ironed every day! Ehhhh....

      It takes a lot of time, but I think you are in a great position to embrace your natural hair and grow it out. I think small trims over a long period of time and a degree of blindness to your hair helps.

    2. I'm fairly certain your hair is the dream hair of many!

      At the beginning, I was so convinced that the only way to make it grow was to totally stop trimming it. Then I realised it was actually much better for my really fine, breakable hair, to trim it little and often, and I've seen so fewer split ends since! I was also very absorbed in my hair, I would measure it over and over, I think I got a little too obsessed! Since I started to push it out of my mind more, it seems to grow faster because I think about it less!

      Thanks for your advice!